Egg Devil

Egg devils are made with half hard boiled eggs, wrapped with potato mixture, dipped in batter, coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried.. Kolkata is very famous for their Street Food, Tele Bhaja(deep fried food).This is also known as “Dimer Devil” or “Dimer Chop”. Dimer Chop is one of the most famous “StreetFood” ofContinue reading “Egg Devil”

Kathal ki Sbji

Kathal or jackfruit is actually a summer fruit that may look intimidating but tastes delicious when cooked in a north indian style spicy gravy and is rather simple to make. Cooked with a varities of masalas and spices. Kathal sabji can be best served and enjoyed with hot chapati or paratha and with boiled rice.Continue reading “Kathal ki Sbji”

General Cooking Tips

Check them out, learn something new, and share your best tips for surviving in the kitchen : Adding few drops of oil / ghee to the rice before cooking it will prevent it from becoming sticky. Use the excess dal water from boiling dal to make rasam. Similarly, after boiling vegetables if you do notContinue reading “General Cooking Tips”

Spicy Egg Biryani

Egg Biryani is a splendid rice indulgence, satiated with the magic of Indian spices, herbs and spiced hard boiled eggs.Biryani is a famous and healthy dish that can be served as lunch or dinner with raita and chutney. Egg simply amps up the health quotient of this delicacy. Try this easy-to-make biryani recipe at homeContinue reading “Spicy Egg Biryani”

Pineapple Raita

Pineapple Raita is an easy-to-make side dish recipe.Made with chopped pineapple, thick curd and spices. Do try this pineapple raita at home you going to love it. And with the summers approaching refresh yourself with this cool salty and sweet pineapple raita. Ingredients Fresh curd ( yogurt) – 1 cup Chopped Pineapple – 1/2 cupContinue reading “Pineapple Raita”

Paneer Bhurji

Paneer Bhurji – is a quick, delicious and one of the best paneer dishes of scrambled Indian cottage cheese in tomato onion masala and spices.Paneer being rich in protein and calcium, include it in your diet more often. Apart from offering nutrients, it also keeps hunger pangs away keeping you full and energetic. Best toContinue reading “Paneer Bhurji”

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